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About Us

Established in 1997, Aardvark EM Limited has developed a reputation for delivering innovative environmental projects for both the public and private sectors.

A one-stop shop for impartial advice and practical guidance in the renewables, waste and carbon business sectors.

Environmental and regulatory pressures have led to clients requiring our advice on increasingly larger and more complex projects in both the urban and the rural sectors. This has required a commercial approach and input from several of our in-house disciplines.

Work Areas


Waste management is fast becoming one of the biggest environmental issues in the UK and Europe. By recognising this growth problem, the team at Aardvark use their project management experience to combine in-house engineering, science and planning skills to help clients to develop sustainable waste management solutions in this challenging sector.


Energy is now closely linked with climate change and the emerging carbon economy, making it an important element on the balance sheet.

We encourage businesses and individuals to think laterally to provide solutions that build on achieving energy efficiency and diversified portfolio of supply. Thus they are able to meet their energy needs, maintaining the security of supply without having to make compromises on specification. This can often involve a strategic rethink in the way a client perceives energy sources to meet both today’s demands and those of the future.


At the core of Aardvark’s growing reputation is the delivery of innovative environmental advice from project support for single environmental issues such as contaminated land and flood risk assessment, to a complete project management service such as Environmental Impact Assessment and sustainable development.

Carbon Management

Aardvarks approach to carbon management is not only ethical but also financial.  We consider carbon to be a very effective business management tool. Carbon is inextricably linked to energy use and fossil fuels and subsequently expenditure.

We have developed a number of methods to assess energy use to determine how and where efficiencies can be made and hence financial and real carbon reductions.

Download our Environmental Policy and Objectives Aardvark Environmental Policy.pdf